Early photos taken around the Jewish cemetery located on route 52, however these days the cemetery is off limits to sky watchers. Activity is a high in and around the cemetery gates. During the earlier days while we were sitting at the cemetery, peculiar noises could be heard coming from the woods adjacent to the area.



Below is an image of a large Tesla globe sitting off West Searsville Road. This large globe was not visible to the naked eye but did register on film. Tesla globes can rage in size, shape, and color and at different times, Tesla globes would register on film if the was activity was high. Since then Tesla globes began to phase out during the mid to late 1990's.



Another phenomenon that looms in the Pine Bush area is the "smoke phenomenon".  Smoke phenomenon is reported mainly with ghostly apparitions, but some researchers believe that Ufo and ghost phenomenon are closely related. After seeing the high activity in Pine Bush and the activity that surrounds the Jewish cemetery on Route 52, there does seem to be a connection between them.


Large Tesla globe floats over the Muddy Kill Road hillside. It was film during the winter  of 1994. The beauty of the snowfall helped illuminate the activity of lights that encompassed most of the area.

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