These images were taken in the winter months of 1995 on West Searsville Road around 8:15pm.



As you can see in this photo there is a double image of squiggle lights. This image was taken on West Searsville Road, December 1996.



This photo was taken further south on West Searsville Road. These two light rods were filmed while a group of sky watchers from Pennsylvania were watching an orange orb that hovered over the tree line behind one of the local houses. I also witnessed this hovering orb which lasted for 15-20 minutes. The orb danced above the tree line before it disappeared.



The photo below was taken in the early 1990's in the same area of the Jewish cemetery that were filled with all types of phenomena. This photo has two separate phenomena , the Tesla globe in the upper left hand of this photo, as well as the squiggles that are duplicated / quadrupled in the center of this photo. There was activity that was going on in the field at the time this photo was shot. Invisible to our eyes this activity was right under our nose but we couldn't see it !!!



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