Even if you can't get to the Pine Bush meetings, you can start posting on the Pine Bush Message Board.

Formed in June of 1993 by local residents of Pine Bush New York, United Friends Observer Society was born. This unique group of locals formed what has now become the center of media attention. John and , along with Bill and Sue Wiand are the people to talk to about UFO sightings and paranormal activity in Pine Bush. Located on Route 52 and Marl Rd in Walker Valley, the Old School House plays a great deal of importance for all sky watchers that venture to the area. Also a BIG help comes from Anthony "Smoothe" Stevens who is the Director of night time sky watching. Meetings usually have a high attendance of  people and all are welcome. New people are always encouraged to come in for support. Meetings are normally from 7:30pm to 10:00pm and refreshments are served as well. If you need any information about these meetings or how you can get more involved please email either or .

You can also call the UFO Meeting Hotline at: 1-845-564-0322.

 Next Meeting ~ January 7, 2009

See ya'll there!!!

First Wednesday of each month