As you can see in this photo there is a quadruple image of squiggle lights. Taken on Searsville Road, December 1996.


This photo was taken during the day in the summer of 1994. It is a very interesting photo taken of the sky during the day. This squiggle image or possible craft which appeared to be cruising through the sky is a very rare squiggle light captured in daylight, taken with 400ASA film.



This is a squiggle light photographed over the southeast angle of West Searsville Road.

It was taken with Infrared 400ASA film at 11:00pm, August, 1995.


Below are two squiggle images taken close to West Searsville Road near a private horse farm. This photo was taken around 2:30am in the winter months of 1993. On the left is a greenish light and to the right is the normal "squiggle light" that is normally captured on film when activity is high.



Below is a unique photo I refer to as "The Chandelier". This photo isn't time exposed nor is this camera shake. In the center of the photo behind this chandelier image is a telephone pole. Whatever created this image was very close to me as I filmed this anomalous image.


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