Here we have a photo that has been cropped to kind of give you a better view of an object that was sitting in the corn field. The object is in fact a Ufo that is sitting very close to where we were filming. There were three red lights on the outside which could indicated that this is a triangle craft. The picture scan does not really show the three small white lights that are on top of this craft. This photo was taken on West Searsville in May 1996.



This photo taken over the Muddy Kill Road hillside on a clear night in mid-winter approx. 11:20 pm. There are two crafts in this photo. These craft must have moved undetected to our eyes. The actual photo shows much more detail to these craft trails. 



This craft photo was taken near the Jewish cemetery on Route 52. At the time there was no plane or image in the sky.  I'm not sure what type of emissions are trailing this craft, but there seems to be 6 head lights on the front.



This is one of my favorite photos that was taken around 9:00pm across the street from the Jewish cemetery. This was NOT a time exposed photo or a shaken camera secondary to most of my photos are taken on a tripod with no interference. Approximately four to five lights were visible in the night sky when I took this photo. It was taken on Infrared film.



This photo was filmed over West Searsville Road. This was extremely interesting because  while watching strobes lights that were illuminating the woods I snapped this photo and this image appeared on film. Many active nights were spent filming these crafts and their occupants.


Photo from the farm near the Route 52 Jewish cemetery. Hovering about 100 feet above the vegetable field there is a huge craft with one single light and three on the back end. There are also three orbs on the right side which could be caused by dust from the fields below. But the lights are not !


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