"Blue Fog"

This photo was taken over the Jewish cemetery fence in wintertime with no lights visible. There were no airplanes or any activity in the sky as well as no rolling fog in the area.



This is a very strange image taken within the Jewish Cemetery taken approximately 1:00am. After looking over this picture numerous times I still cannot come to any conclusions about it. I have personally seen these photos on specific ghost web sites. Some researches will say this image is spirit related. All I can say is this is some type of phenomenon.  I looks like an extremely long vacuum hose that was thrown in the air, but I assure you that wasn't the case !



This photo is taken off Drexel Road at 9:00pm on a Fall night, October, 1996. This is one of the stranger images that have been filmed in the area. The white image wasn't seen by our naked eye but did register on film. In all the years of filming paranormal and Ufo activity I have never seen an image of this shape or size.



This image was filmed in the spring of 1994 on a clear moonless night. These 2 images appear to be merging together. There was a group of sky watchers on the road while I snapped this photo but no one saw these images.



These gorgeous photos were taken in the fall months of 1996. Some researchers call this photo a night rainbow, not a  phenomenon i am familiar with. Whatever it is, the color intensity is superb. The image was taken with a normal instamatic camera with 200 asa film.

Next is a possible Skull face coming out of paranormal fog. I have seen paranormal smoke and bizarre phenomena with faces, but none at cemetery gates. Below is a drawn out photo so you can see where the face is I you cant find it.



This was filmed as a close friend was running into the woods chasing an orb shaped light across the cemetery. While running through the corn field photos were being taken to possibly catch what was roaming the fields late at night. This image which appeared on film was unique. Could this possibly be radiation coming from the plasma orb that was seen in the field?


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