Light Beams


Possibly an Alien Beacon? Approximately 3-5 feet tall, this light beam stands at the end of West Searsville Road. Taken with 400ASA film on a Pentex K-1000, this amazing light beam appeared on film. The ideas surrounding these light beams according to researchers in the area are the beams of light seem to be a marking pattern for crafts to navigate. Why? Possibly these beings are mapping out the fields they need to work in, mine in, or it could possibly be a traffic pattern.



This photo shows a light beam filmed in the area where all the sky  watchers would go in the early 1990's, the Jewish cemetery. To the right of the light beam is a normal telephone pole. To the left is a tree, but in front of the tree appeared a double light beam. The light beam was right in front of the camera; its amazing how this wasn't seen by the naked eye!



Below are brown light beams along with orbs that showed themselves in April of 1993 on a clear night. This photo was taken with an instamatic camera around midnight.



Most people would say this light beam is actually a defect on the film or exposure. However, this wasn't the case because this photo is number 16 out of a 36 exposure and there was nothing wrong with any of the photos on this roll. I talked with a private film technician about these photos and images and he ran the photos in different exposure formats and assured me these are not defects or overexposure. There is a telephone pole directly in the center and there is a dull blue light beam from top to bottom. This photo was taken on Drexel Road 10:30pm in December 1996.



This is a red Beam of light taken on West Searsville road in the winter months of 1996. I'm not exactly sure of the direction this beam of light is moving in. Beams of light in the Pine Bush area very common and they occur in all shapes, sizes and colors. 


This light beam was photographed at the Jewish cemetery. I must have been standing on this light or extremely close to it. Over the years not too many researches have filmed these specific light beams, so I feel very fortunate to display them. The light beams are mostly white in color and about 6 feet in height with a rounded top to them.



This photo will be seen twice on this site because there are two separate images I would like to focus on. The tree in the center is just the beginning. The upper left part of the tree is a plasma ball light, but the light beam in the left hand corner is just like the past photos we have seen of these spectacular light beams. This photo was taken by the Jewish cemetery in the winter months around 11:00pm.


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