New Video Gallery- Much time was spent researching as many valuable, interesting and reliable sources of videos from all over the World Wide Web and some have been gathered from Pine Bush residents to help out with the collection.

Courtesy goes out to all that have helped, along with the, The History Channel, Sightings, Encounters, Unsolved Mysteries and many others that have made this list possible.

I have posted them in an easy to use format. All you need to do is click the link and watch the video. There are a lot of them to watch but again they are mostly credible and archived by networks.

To watch these videos you may need to following software:

Adobe Flash 10 and Adobe Shockwave 11

If you have any questions or would like to add you personal video to this list, please Email:

Thanks in advance...

Red Light BeamCraft with 6 headlightsLight Bean near Searsville RdAlien Orb

Unsolved Mysteries Episode Part 1

Unsolved Mysteries Episode Part 2


Circle ship

Adventures of an Earthling-
Documentary filmmaker Mishara Canino-Hussung follows her husband as he investigates an old family story about the role his mother played in a series of mysterious sightings in upstate New York in the early 1990s. Her husband, fellow filmmaker Bill Hussung, is skeptical of the stories, but hopes to please his mother as she battles cancer in New York City. What follows is a quirky and contemporary look at the power of mythology, with two surprise endings that are sure to leave audiences wondering about the true nature of the mysterious lights in the night sky just north of New York City.

Amateur Videos of Pine Bush and surrounding areas- These are noteworthy amateur videos that were found interesting. Definitely worth a watch.

1984- VFormations

1994- Brewester UFO

April 24, 1994 -UFO Video

Nov 30, 2008- 4 UFOs

December 2009- Strange Lights

Sightings Episode 1980's