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For almost 20 years I have been enveloped in the Pine Bush phenomenon. Since the time I began investigating the area it was believed that UFOs could not be filmed, and UFO history shows that there is no true photograph of a craft just resting on the ground or floating in the air.  However, the craft and images that I have seen floating in the sky were able to be caught on film.

Over the years, I have taken a different approach to the filming these craft and the energy that these beings emanate. I must agree that filming any type of aerial craft, whether it be a UFO or an ordinary commercial plane at night is extremely hard unless you have the proper technology. These crafts that are flying in Pine Bush may be shifting between dimensional portals which make it extremely hard to photograph. It would be easier to film them if we knew the time and precise location of these crafts' appearances . Every craft or phenomena that I have seen over the years has been so fleeting there would be no time to hold a camera or lift a camcorder to capture these rare sightings. We cannot predict the crafts movements or schedule.

Most of the photographs you will see have been taken by myself or other well renown researchers in the Pine Bush area. Personally I have over 500 real images recorded, on 35mm film exposures and/or digital camera image files. The photos you are about to see range from UFOs to plasma balls of light. The images are only enhanced to bring out the best quality for the website, there are no inserted or doctored images, all photos are original !

Let's start with the Tesla Globes and Orb Technology. Tesla globes were first reported in the early 1980s . Ellen Crystall revealed the truth about these invisible sphere like balls that cannot be seen with the naked eye. A Tesla globe is a large invisible sphere that IS technological in nature. Tesla Globes can be as small as a Mylar balloon and as large as an airplane. These globes were filmed in the Pine Bush area from the 1980s-1995 . After 1995 the Tesla globes seemed to become more obsolete. The end of their activity proposed the questions, was their work done in the corn fields, were they moving into a new territory or just tired of us sky watchers? Not sure as to what the answer was, I continued trying to find what their motives were. After 1995 the Tesla globes disappeared and so did most of the night time ships.

With the disappearance of Tesla globes, a new phenomena took precedence. Spheres better known as "orbs" were not the same shape as the normal Tesla globes, nor were they the same size. Orbs came in clusters, can be colorful, and can be created by humans. That's right, after years of filming Tesla globes and orbs there has been much debate as to whether the images on the internet, or presented at UFO conferences were man made. Orbs are not 100% unconventional phenomena. I have displayed a few  impressive orbs that seem to represent some sort of technology. Also, orbs seemed to be filmed much easier on a digital camera as compared to a regular camera. I have used both cameras over time and find that regular cameras do not register the same images as the digital camera. There could be a few reasons why a digital camera creates these images and normal film does not. After talking to camera technicians and everyday users we came to a conclusion that digital technology completely surpasses the technology of the old standard cameras. The apertures are different between the two. There continues to be a lot of controversy behind the orb phenomena and all the possibilities that may create these images. Personally, I am also skeptical about these images, but I have filmed so many that appear to  be controlled by a form of technology as displayed by their movement in photographs. Remember to keep that open mind when viewing any type of phenomena.

Plasma emissions and plasma balls are another type of alien technology that I have filmed in the Pine Bush area. The plasma appears to be related to some of the craft that have been seen in the area located next to the Old Jewish Cemetery. There has always been a strong presence that emanates from that area.  There are plasma photos located on this site as well. They are not natural weather phenomena and are not able to register with the naked eye. These plasma images appeared in the early 1980s and continued through the mid to late 1990s. Plasma images are now difficult to film since most of the areas where they appeared are now off limits to the public. There have been occasions that we have witnessed these plasma balls dancing in fields and along roads in the middle of the night.

One of the most interesting phenomena I was able to photograph in the mid 1990s were "light beams". These are the mapping devices that the crafts use, such as landing or mapping beacons. We were not sure what fields these beacons border. The largest was between the road of West Searsville and the Jewish Cemetery, a 2-3 mile radius of wooded landscape. We have walked through the woods searching for strange markings or mappings to document the activity and could not find anything. Light beams area a real UFO-related phenomenon that is being used in Pine Bush and possibly the surrounding towns that are being inhabited by these beings.

Last are the photos of Creatures or Beings. In this area there have been several individuals that have seen or witnessed anything from the normal Grey alien to the one eyed Cyclops. I personally have not seen anything like this and the photos that you will see might not prove there is alien life in Pine Bush but will surely make you wonder.

In closing I must state that most photos on this site have been photographed by myself or one of the Pine Bush researchers that would like to stay anonymous. If any of these photos or anything on this website can help you, me, or the group of individuals that are looking for the key to understanding the Pine Bush mystery, we need to work together to bring this area further into the light. There is a lot to be learned about Pine Bush and we have only touched the surface. Please contact me with any questions or comments. We need your help...

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