This is an awesome photo taken across the street from the Jewish cemetery with 400ASA infrared film. In this photo there are plenty of images which the scan does not do justice to. There are about 4 Tesla Globes, 3 orbs and this dual headlight coming toward the camera. The object or craft was not visible but did register nicely on film. To the right of this photo you can see a shell shaped orb. This was filmed around 10:30pm on July 14, 1995.

This photo was taken over the Muddy Kill Road area. If you look closely in the right hand corner there is a long "squiggle" line that proceeds to make a loop. This could possibly be the radiation emission that comes off of a craft that is flying low in the area. If you look closely you can see that this craft is moving over this hillside.




This photo I call "spider" was taken by the Muddy Kill Road at around midnight . There was a bright light that I witnessed coming down over the hillside which I was able to take a quick photo of. This is what registered on film.

This is one of the first photos that was taken during the early years. This is not time exposed nor is this camera shake. There was a light over the tree line which I photographed.  As you can see, there is a string of lights that are over the tree line. UFOs  have some type of blocking technology that seemingly attempts to prevent individuals from photographing the crafts themselves. This was one of those occasions when this technology was possibly used.



Three different crafts streaking down the skyline on Chapel Hill Road, another area that hosted a lot of paranormal activity along with other Ufo sightings.





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