These next few photos were taken in the early stages of the Pine Bush Phenomenon. It was the winter of 1992. All of these photos were taken in sequence frame after frame, and none of these photos have been altered nor are they time exposed. Each photo is a single random shot taken across the street from the Jewish cemetery.


Photo #2 taken in the series. This same craft seems to be moving in a twisted- like position.


This is the third photo of the same craft that is over the cornfield across the street from the cemetery. The actual evidence that this is some sort of craft is the pulsating red lights underneath the trail of emissions that this craft left behind. The reason this can't be an airplane is due to the where this craft is located. I would estimate it is anywhere from 3-4 feet above the cornfield.



The fourth photo of 6, as you can see, is the same craft that was around the cemetery area. Again these are not time exposed at all , these are single snapshot photos that were taken all in sequence.



The last photo taken in the same area and same direction. The craft that was in the field at that moment might have known we were filming. This craft seems to make a small triangle turn. It's a shame we did not take more photos of this craft.


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