The photo below was taken on West Searsville Road in August of 1994. The photo shows a gorgeous full moon, but what we didn't notice at the time was that there was a Craft looming right underneath. You can see how the moonlight shines off the metal or aluminum front of this craft. The camera used Pentex K1000 Film 400ASA, approximately 11:00pm.



Inside the Jewish cemetery was where a few of us witnessed the sighting of a red image coming down from the sky around 10:45pm in January 1995. I was able to get part of this image on film in the lower left hand corner. 



The black metal or texture part of this craft is resting in one of the Pine Bush wooded fields. I am not sure where this photo was taken, but I can tell you that there was nothing visible to the eye as this craft was resting in the field at the time this photo was snapped.



This infrared photo was taken of a UFO flying over a corn field on a winter night in 1996. This photo was taken as a time exposure photo, with a Pentex K-1000 camera. In the photo you can see the strange wavy glow, which is probably some form of sonic blast that is not made by any conventional aircraft. I have time exposed crafts and airplanes all taken at different times and there is a huge difference in light patterns and emissions that are omitted from each.



Series of three, taken on West Searsville Road in the summer of 1997.Photos taken with my digital camera a Sony Mavica. Digital technology is very sensitive to what reflects from the flash. Pollen, dust, dirt, all can be filmed on digital technology, when it is extremely hard to film with a normal 35mm camera. Below are "pink bullets" taken around 9:00pm on a Wednesday.




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