This photo was taken in 1995 near a cattle farm located on the corner of Flurry Road and Route 52. I have never seen pictures of this type of technology elsewhere in the world. Photos like this are a once in a lifetime shot which register only on film when there is alien technology in the area. The weeds are in the front of the photo and you can see a dim wire that restricts the cattle from escaping the fields.


This time exposed photograph was taken on Flurry Road about a 1/2 mile away from the Jewish cemetery. This is a craft that is shooting towards the stars. It was not a plane or any type of conventional aircraft !



The top photo is an original with no enhancement, and the photo below has been enhanced and darkened so you can see the images of the 2-3 crafts that were floating over the tree line. This photo was taken with Infrared film and was taken on West Searsville Road, during the summer months of 1994.



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