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        "Vincent Polise's "The Pine Bush Phenomenon" transcends beyond the "usual suspects" angle prevalent in current writings concerning our modern UFO phenomenon. Vincent's style and approach is refreshing in a way that is honest, sincere, innocent, fearless, and encourages the reader to trust their own instincts to pursue a personal investigation for answers, and avoid any conspiratorial assumptions. UFO and Paranormal enthusiasts should absorb Vincent's personal experiences in Pine Bush -- if just to appreciate an open mind can generate a lifetime relationship with a yet unidentified presents that can become an extremely positive factor within their own lives. Given these elements, this book is of itself a modern day UFO phenomenon."

 - Michael Butler - Out There Graphics©"

 Great book Vinny (www.pinebushufo.com)!  Looking forward to this year!



Almost finished reading your book, and I like it........
I like the way you wrote your book.......it not only speaks of your research and personal experiences, your book is also like a field guide........sharing the location with people on where to go to watch, good hours to watch, how to behave, etc........very good concept.......a personal account and a field guide........novel idea.........



Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable experiences with the rest of us.
I will be delighted to share mine with you.




  Just a brief description of what happened in the search for the Pine Bush Phenomenon!

"" On May 6th, 1995, I had the experience of a lifetime. As the night wore on with no activity, we began to swap stories of experiences and activity from the past.  The weather was fabulous and it was just a great night to be outdoors.  A group of us started talking about the crowded situation on West Searsville Road and considered going somewhere else to watch and avoid the crowds but in the end we decided to stick around. At 10:05pm, I saw a sporadic but pulsing strobe light that seemed to highlight one part of the woods.  Since the lights seemed close, I asked around to see if other people could see the lights too—everyone could.  I decided to investigate the lights. I had seen these types of strobes on several occasions, so they weren’t new to me.   

        We watched the lights from that close distance for a few minutes before the pulsing got more laser light show!  Suddenly the treetops were enveloped in a white mist through which we could still see the strobes.  This mist was chalky white and highly unusual!  We saw an enormous half-moon-shaped object rise above the trees.  We could see only half of the craft over the tree line but we could tell that the object was huge!  When the craft rose above the trees it was very bright, but not so bright that we couldn’t see it.  It was brilliant and full of colors much like a ferris wheel on fire!  The outer edges had balls of sparks rotating in a clockwise direction and these little balls were composed of beautiful colors: blue, yellow, red and some green.  The craft’s center was lit up in a brilliant bright orange with shooting sparks all around the outer edges.  I couldn’t see any metallic structure within the craft but such a light display had to be supported by one.  The craft floated above the tree line for a full five seconds before it descended back into the ground. 

            We watched the craft in utter amazement.  What could we say to each other after such a sight—we were in awe!  We had forgotten our cameras and had no way to film this craft.  I wondered if anyone on West Searsville Road, no more then two blocks away, had seen the craft.  We stayed there waiting and hoping to catch another glimpse of the craft but we never saw it again.  After a while, we went back to our cars and stood there wondering what had just happened.  I remember that we talked but can’t remember what we said—I think we were both still in awe of what we had just experienced. ""



Excerpts from "The Pine Bush Phenomenon"

By Chris B.

""This book contains Mr. Polise’s experiences, initially recorded in a journal, and it uniquely reflects his interpretations and ideas formed from the years of experience.  Many readers, even long-time UFO buffs well-versed in the literature on the subject, will find this book’s accounts highly unusual because they don’t reflect activity typically considered to represent the UFO phenomenon.  Many of his experiences seem more like hauntings.  That shift in context is one of the more valuable lessons in the Pine Bush story; perhaps we need to cast a wider net in defining the UFO experience.  It’s what researchers have termed high strangeness; stories that, even for those familiar with the archetypical UFO experience, are quite bizarre. 

            No one understands this strangeness more than Mr. Polise.  While preparing for this book, he reviewed his original journals and joked with me that even he found these experiences incredible.  He told me, “I’m thinking to myself, ‘this couldn’t have happened, could it?’  This is crazy!”  These experiences did happen and, while they may sound incredible, can be verified by others also watching the Pine Bush area.  Although many readers might think these accounts go against the grain of what is generally accepted behavior for the UFO phenomenon, I feel they point towards a more accurate portrait of the true nature of the mystery.  Having witnessed activity in Pine Bush myself, I can say that his accounts are similar to my own experiences.  I’ve known Vinny for years and can vouch for his honesty and intelligence.  I expect that those familiar with other hotspots will find many similarities between his observations and the activity found at these other window areas.  Vinny’s experiences show tendencies in when and under what circumstances activity occurs.  Comparing his observations about these tendencies with reports from other hotspots may produce a better idea of how to observe or even predict activity.""






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